Headache & Fitness

by Brent Lucas, BA, London, Ontario, Canada
Regular exercise can reduce your risk of headaches, and lack of regular physical exercise can leave you more susceptible to chronic headaches. Not only is exercise good... Read more...


Alternative Treatments for Headaches

Reprinted with permission from healthology. com
Article by Dr. Alexander Mauskop, Neurologist interested in Alternatives.
Author of "The Headache Alternative"
New York Headache Center New York, NY 10021 USA
Tel: 212.794.3550
The successful treatment of conditions ranging from the common cold to many cancers remains beyond the reach of modern medicine, despite its tremendous advances. It is not surprising, then, that patients seek a variety of alternative or complimentary therapies... Open/print full PDF


Using Meditation to Manage Pain and Painful Emotions

Barbaranne Branca, Ph.D., DABFE, DABFM
Michigan HeadPain and Neurological Institute
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
With chronic pain, despair and guilt haunt many patients. A pain attack can persist for hours, days, even weeks. Pursuits with others--simple conversations, business dinners, games with children, or pursuits alone... Open/print full PDF


Stress and Chronic Headache

Reprinted with permission from ACHE
(American Council for Headache Education, Mt. Royal, NJ)
People with chronic headache sometimes react angrily to friends or doctors who suggest they are just under too much stress - and with reason, since there’s often an implication that the headaches are a psychological rather than a medical issue... Read more...


Non Drug Treatment Alternatives

Patients seeking natural pain management can choose from a wide variety of possible treatments including acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, folk medicine, massage, body work, Reiki, homeopathy, naturopathy, prayer, magnets, and more... Read more...


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