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Alternative Treatments for Headaches

Articles supporting alternate headache treatment... More info »

Botox Treatment

Botox is well known for its use in treatment of wrinkles. The principle behind its use in this case is to relax tense or spastic muscles by blocking Acetylcholine release which stimulates muscle contraction. The discovery of Botox for treatment of migraine was quite by accident... More info »

Self-Help Strategies

Self-Help strategies can help you to cope with your headaches and they also have the extra added benefit of being free. Learn ways to lower the pain threshold or prevent another one from beginning... More info »

Home Remedies

Deep breathing exercises, warm baths, relaxing music... The obvious advantage of a home remedy is that they can be tried late at night, or on weekends or holidays, when a physician’s office is closed... More info »

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The book Chronic Daily Headache features
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