About Us and Our Goals

G. Brent Lucas, B.A.Help For Headaches is a non-profit organization, and a registered Canadian charity that is committed to educational services for those suffering from and treating headaches. Our charity focuses mainly on Ontario. We firmly believe that being an ‘informed patient’ will:

  • Make it easier for you to prepare for your physician’s appointment  
  • Give you additional options that may be able  to help you – as you search for an effective treatment with your physician

Our focus is to educate the community on the severity and symptoms of headaches and migraines and rare headaches.

Understanding your headache-type will always be your first step.

Our vision is to assist headache sufferers in their quest for relief. We believe that since headaches are diagnosed - and ultimately treated according to a particular classification - understanding and communicating these symptoms to your doctor or headache specialist  can have dramatic results.

Our belief is that through education, resources become apparent, silent suffering can be eliminated and awareness can foster treatment directions.

G. Brent Lucas, B.A.

G. Brent Lucas, B.A.
Director, Help For Headaches
London, Ontario, Canada

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The book Chronic Daily Headache features
an article reviewed by a Headache Neurologist
entitled "Why Some Headache Patients do
not Improve"!