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New Book – Headaches That Persist

Includes content on Headaches, Migraines & Rare Headaches. Though written for headache sufferers, many health professionals will find it useful due to its relevant content and thorough research. Topics covered in the book include "What causes a headache", "Headache categories", "Acute medicines", "How a headache is treated", "Botox", "Alternative treatments", "Self-help strategies"... More info »


Let us help you find the right doctor for your headache treatment needs... More info »

Headache Links

A list of headache organizations and resources available on the Internet... More info »

U.S. Headache Centres

A up-to-date list of headache centres in the United States... More info »

Identify Migraine Triggers

A trigger is any event, change, external stimulus, or physical act which seems to result in migraine... More »

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The book Chronic Daily Headache features
an article reviewed by a Headache Neurologist
entitled "Why Some Headache Patients do
not Improve"!