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Migraine as a Disability

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Men & Migraine

Key Points

  • men sometimes avoid seeking medical care for their migraines
  • 1 in 16 men have migraine
  • men (and women) often mistake migraine for a sinus headache
  • men who serve in the military can have migraines triggered by trauma and stress
  • men who play contact sports can develop Post Traumatic Headache, which is sometimes confused for migraine
  • migraine brought on by strenuous exercise is more prevalent in men than women
  • often, men do not discuss migraine - yet ulcers, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction get discussed frequently


Migraine is often viewed as a female disorder but as many as 9% of men suffer as well. This misconception of a "female-only issue" can (at times) cause men to avoid seeking medical support and dismiss this debilitating neurological condition as just a headache. 1

According to the American Migraine Foundation, "migraine attacks can occur in a variety of different frequencies and severities and come with a HYPERLINK "https://americanmigrainefoundation.org/resource-library/understanding-migraineunderstanding-migraine-patients-their-symptoms-qa-with-dr-matthew-robbins/" wide range of symptoms. By becoming aware of their symptoms, patients can work toward discovering the most effective treatment options for them. They also suggest that no two patients are alike. " 2

Famous men with Migraine include Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Ben Affleck, and now Kanye West. 3

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Migraine and Adolescents

Key points:

  • adolescents experience biological, social, psychological, educational changes simultaneously
  • when female adolescents turn 17, as many as 23% of females experience migraine
  • migraine triggers include: lifestyle, environmental, dietary, hormonal
  • Headache Neurologists Doctors Christine Lay and Ana Marissa Lagman-Bartolome discuss the traffic light method for controlling headaches with medicines
  • a new class of preventative medicines is coming, or is available
  • proven non-drug complimentary therapies - specific to treating migraines
  • lifestyle adjustments include proper sleep habits, regular exercise, meal regularity


Adolescence is a difficult time. Adolescents experience multiple biological, social, psychological, and educational changes simultaneously. The addition of illness to this complex developmental process can be a small burden or have a large impact, depending on individual circumstances. When the illness is head pain, pain management becomes dependent on a therapeutic alliance between the patient, parents, and healthcare professionals. 1

Research suggests that prior to puberty, boys tend to suffer from migraine more often than girls, but as adolescence approaches the incidence increases more rapidly in girls than boys.

A proper diagnosis is a step that many parents and adolescents tend to skip. A proper diagnosis is made through a physician carefully analyzing a completed detailed patient history and performing a physical exam if necessary, that rules out other explanations or factors for the symptoms being experienced. 2

We also know that Migraine tends to run in families, so having a parent that suffers from Migraine will significantly increases the risk of developing Migraine.

Read the full article here


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